About Trévon James

I’m a portrait & lifestyle photographer located in New York City. I have a background in Digital Marketing, a degree in Graphic Design, as well as 10+ years experience in photography and retouching. I started my career off as a creative director for local recording artists and entrepreneurs. I then went on to produce Jsquared Magazine, where I held the position of Editor-in-Chief / Senior Photographer. 

Recently, my work has been published in Glamour Magazine, Baltimore Style Magazine, and has been featured on a plethora of online platforms.

From the time I picked up my first camera my desire has been to capture the beauty of every person I shoot. I understand how difficult it can be to see the light that others see in us. I also can relate to the frustration in figuring out how to present yourself / brand  to the world. It is my job to pull that out and present that to you. 

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