About Trévon James

Trévon James is a New York City-based Editorial + Portrait photographer. He has a visual perspective unlike none other. With a background in Digital Marketing, Photography, and a degree in Graphic Design, Trévon has helped numerous amounts of clients build their brand visually. Known for his wits and creative storytelling, he takes ideas and makes them realities. He started his career off as a creative director for local recording artists and entrepreneurs. He then, later on, helped produce and partner with Jsquared Magazine, where he held the position of Editor-in-Chief / Senior Photographer.

Recently, his work has been published in Glamour Magazine, Baltimore Style Magazine, and has been featured on a plethora of print work and online platforms.

His portraiture and candid aesthetic can be seen throughout his work, with a sense of intimacy. This is due to his warm personality, inviting smile, and contagious sense of humor. Allowing him to capture the essence and authenticity of his subjects. Trévon is one of NYC’s best-kept secrets and is soon to emerge as one of the new breeds of his generation.

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